Media Support

Company Name:
DonLevy Laboratories
General Function:
To assist the media technicians with preparation of culture media for use in microbiological testing.
Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities:
1) Daily generate labels for the media being prepared
2) Attach labels to the appropriate lids and apply a piece of sterilizing tape
3) Refill all empty flasks and gallons with the appropriate amount of RO water
4) Refill all empty test tube racks with appropriate sized tubes
5) Label Petri dishes to be used for the day
6) Dispensing of PBS, broths, tubes or bottled agars as necessary
7) Record incoming/received media and chemicals into the inventory control book
8) Put incoming supplies in the appropriate warehouse location after following media receipt procedures
9) Perform routine housekeeping as scheduled
10) Assist in maintaining media stock
11) Additional duties as assigned
Reporting Relationships:
Direction Received: Reports to Media Supervisor; daily tasks assigned by Media Technician
Direction Given: Assist in employee orientation and training in all aspects of media support function
Minimum Requirements:
Requires high school diploma or GED
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Desirable Traits:
Organizational skills and the ability to think on your feet; desire to be a productive team member who exhibits until the job is done behavior.
Working Conditions:
Physical effort usually requires considerable amount of standing on your feet in one spot for hours at a time. Requires heavy lifting, some walking, and some element of personal risks. Some exposure to unpleasant elements.
If interested, please submit your resume to and indicate the job title (Media Support) in the subject field.

Don't Be Fooled

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